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Moving/Investing in Costa Rica

We are the smooth transition facilitators. As corny as that may sound,  it's true and we embrace the idea of helping you to realize your dream to move to Costa Rica.  


We are proud to announce our new company and services Prime Properties Costa Rica. It's our pleasure to share our experiences and sound advice with you so that your journey and fulfilling your dreams will be exciting, easy and accomplished. 

With 6 years living here and a full understanding based on boots on the ground experiences, we can help you through the process.  There are daunting details that must be addressed and many moving parts that force flexibility. Trust us, we've been where you are and know that taking a big leap of faith is at times scary and overwhelming but truly worth it in the end. 

It's a wonderful place with endearing people and "Pura Vida" really does exist.  However you will have moments when you want to pull your hair out.  The process will be easier, the more prepared you are and we encourage you to ask questions as we are happy to answer all of them. 

Whether you decide to rent, buy or build, it needs to be the right feeling and situation for you. 

Not only are you moving/investing in a foreign country, you are immersing yourself into a whole new culture.  Decisions about banking, transportation, establishing residency, insurance options, taxes... there's so much to learn!  


Our efforts to help you transition smoothly to Costa Rica are sincere and free!  


Consult with us via zoom, Facetime, email or when you're in town, we look forward to meeting with you.  


Living the dream and hoping the same for you!

Pura Vida,

Chip & Jenn

Plan the perfect vacation..

Do you feel like you're herding cats as you try to  plan the perfect vacation in Costa Rica?  Well, you're not the only one and we can certainly help.  Take a deep breath and know it will all be worth it.  "Pura Vida" really does exist. 


Hopefully one of the rental properties we manage can  accommodate your needs and preferences.  But if you don't find what you're looking for, we have a wealth of knowledge about rental properties in the area and can help with your search.   

Our advice, recommendations and planning services are free!   You book the flights and we can handle the rest.  Shuttles, golf cart or car rentals, tours, excursions, fishing and much more.   


We've lived here 6 years and have experienced all the tours & excursions available.  We're happy to share our favorites and help you decide what's best for your family.


Transportation is highly recommended in this area!

Golf carts... That's us!

Or if you want a rental car or van, we'll connect you to one of the reputable companies.  

Some tourists want to visit the central valley and then finish their trip at the beach... or vice versa.   From the volcanoes to the beaches, Costa Rica offers an incredible array of wildlife, waterfalls, hanging bridges, hot springs, mountains, dining, tours and much more.   

If you want to be a beach bum, you've come to the right place!  Playa Flamingo, Penca, Prieta, Potrero & Conchal are Costa Rica's best!  

World class fishing, surfing, ziplining, waterfalls, catamaran cruise, horseback riding, beach concierge services, ATV tour, sailing, paddle boarding... the list goes on..

You can be as lazy or busy as you want to be!  We're happy to help you plan the best vacation ever!

Vacation Cat Herders,

Chip & Jenn

June 3, 2021  Covid update...

When will it end?  I ask myself everyday and pray for it to stop. 

Thankfully tourism is picking up and the majority of  businesses are operating normal hours. 


Masks are being worn and people are social distancing.  Many businesses and tour companies will take your temperature before entry.   99.9% of Costa Rican tours, activities and restaurants are outisde in the open air.  Beaches are not full and people stay within their pods.  

There is a 9pm curfew for businesses and driving.

There are driving restrictions but rental cars & rental golf carts are exempt. 

To enter Costa Rica, each traveler must purchase the Covid specific travel insurance and show proof of purchase with the QR code provided by the insurance company.  We recommend  For travel cost, enter $0.

For those traveling from the US, each person must have a negative covid test.  There are several options in order to get the test before your departure.

PCR or Antigen Tests are accepted.  PCR cost $115 or the Antigen cost $55.00

Appointments are required for each test option:

1. At the Liberia airport 4 hours before you depart.  Antigen is $65.00

2. At the Beachside Clinic- PCR cost $115 or the Antigen cost $55.00

3. In- home service via the Beachside Clinic- more expensive per test.

If you need my assistance with setting up an appointment, please do not hesitate to email or call.  I will step you through the process.

Featured rentals

miramar drone view.jpg
Balcony view.jpg
"I highly recommend booking with Chip & Jenn.  They are amazing hosts that made us feel like old friends.  They are very knowledgeable about the entire area and their recommendations made our trip one for the memory books.  We will definitely contact them when we return to Costa Rica"  Matthew from NJ  
"For a great time, great hosts and a fantastic vacation in Costa Rica, call Chip and Jennifer.  Impressive response time before and during our trip.  I knew if I need anything I could call Jenn.  Highly recommend working with them".   Candice from Canada

Reviews matter:
We stayed at Punta Plata 513 in May 2021. The condo was beautiful, clean, updated and well taken care of.  The view from the deck was spectacular. We sat out and watched the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets. It is in a gated community and we felt very safe. Our host Jennifer Little was awesome to deal with. She answered all of my questions timely and was very helpful. We would definitely stay there again!


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