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Here is our story:

We moved to Surfside/Potrero Costa Rica from Greenville, NC (home of the East Carolina University Pirates, Arrrgh) with an undaunted spirit to successfully transition into a new culture and mind set. 


We landed in Costa Rica August 15, 2015, our 28th wedding anniversary!  Our dream/bucket list item of living in a tropical foreign country became a reality after years of research, planning, selling our home, cars and chunking way too much accumulated junk.  

Over a 2 year period, we successfully reduced our belongings down to 10 x 20 storage unit, resigned from our careers and booked our flights!  

Well, it was more difficult than summarizing in one sentence but you get the point.  I'm happy to share the details if you're interested.

The first three months living in Costa Rica consisted of daily trips to the beach, sunsets & drinking beer.  We were shamelessly beach bums and relished in the stress free "Pura Vida " lifestyle.     We knew we wanted to stay but the stark reality of producing an income created a little bit of panic, more research on working/owning a business in Costa Rica and a lot of determination to find a solution.  We really needed to figure it out and generate an income so we could stay longer than our original two year plan.  We're not independently wealthy or retired so our entrepreneurial spirit kicked in.  

We live in a small town and it's easy to make friends with fellow "Gringos".  (Costa Ricans are called "Ticos")  Via the local grapevine, we heard about being on the market.  Yep, we bought it. We started with 4 golf carts, now have 17 and we've expanded our business booking tours and shuttles.    

Shortly after purchasing the golf cart rental business we deviated from our strict budget and decided to buy a small house, renovate it and flip it for income.  Within a couple of weeks living in it and hanging out in our new pool, we decided to make it our home and took it off the market!   Over the past 5 years we've added the Tiki bar and a casita for visitors.  We've made our backyard into our own tropical oasis.    

As if we were not busy enough... in June 2019, with great friends, we opened

Amigos Tacos Y Beer fast casual Tex Mex restaurant in Flamingo.  It's the only place in the area where you don't have to ask for your check.  It's fast food but made fresh daily by our awesome Costa Rican staff.  If you're in a hurry to get to the beach, stop in at Amigos!  And don't forget the BAM... Big Ass Margarita! 

Check us out on Facebook & Instagram.

If you are in the market to buy a home, with extensive real estate experience, knowledge of the market and acting in your best interest, working with Chip as a buyer's agent will save you time & effort in your search.          

We encourage you to read our reviews at Rent a Golf Cart Costa Rica on Trip Advisor or check us out on Facebook & Instagram.


We are very accessible.  We look forward to meeting you on Zoom, Facetime or in person so you can pick our brains and ask tons of questions.  

Always happy to help!

Chip & Jenn

We're on Facebook as Jennifer J. Little or Chip Little

Both on Whatsapp

+1 506-8829-2725

+1 506-8829-2500




Just for kicks.. facts about Chip & Jennifer that really don't matter...


57 years old

Proud father of Trey & Haley (daughter in law) and Johnson

Grew up in Greenville, NC 

East Carolina University Alum and proud fan!

Loves to play golf, hang out on the beach and tiki bar in our back yard.

Favorite music- Zac Brown and other country music

Favorite Beer- Imperial Light

Favorite Cocktail- his very own concoction.. Mango Magic


56 years old

Proud mother of Trey & Haley, and Johnson

Proud East Carolina Alum and Pirate fan

Grew up in Fairburn, Ga

Loves to play bridge, take long walks on the beach, sunsets and hang out with friends.

Favorite music- anything but heavy metal or rap

Favorite TV show- Say Yes to the Dress or any other mindless entertainment

Favorite drink other than ice tea (southern thing) or water- Imperial light

Personal goal... to become fluent in Spanish... PRONTO!

We met at East Carolina University in 1983 and been married for 36 years! 



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